This article explains how you can register for an account, step-by-step. This account is generic and can be used in any service or application.

Registering for an account at is very easy and commits you to nothing. You can register by doing the following.

1. Go to In the top right click Login/Register.

Register 1

2. You are redirected to After setting up your account, this is also the place to log into your account. Now, select Start now.

Register 2

3. Now you have to choose your Product Plan. Your Product Plan defines the services or apps that you will be using. More information on Print Cloud can be found here, and more on Print API here.

Subscription 1

4. When registering, make sure that you read the Terms and Conditions. Fill in the form according to the specifications and click Register. An email will be send to the mail address provided by you. In the email you will find a link for setting your password, which will activate your account.

Subscription 2

4. Go to your mail application and check your inbox for an email from Click the button Set your password and follow the instructions.

Register 4

5. Congratulations. You are now ready to go. Go to You can now log in using your new username and password. Logging in directs you to your personal Dashboard. To learn more about the Dashboard, read this article

Register 5

Welcome at Cloudprinter - Your journey can begin!