You have full control. Select the product type, size, and paper type to your own preference. Set a delivery address anywhere in the world, confirm, check & order.

Now that you have pushed your file to Express (you can read here how to do this), it is time to configure your order. Express allows you to set the specifications to your own taste.


  1. The first step is to log in using your Cloudprinter account. If you don't have an account yet, learn how to create one.
  2. Select the account that will be used for the order. Why can I have different accounts? In section 2.2 on this page you will find the benefits of having multiple accounts.
  3. Now we enter the configuration step. First, select the product type -> size and number of sides (SS: single-sided, DS: double-sided) -> paper type.
  4. Second, enter the preferred quantity and include a unique order reference. This reference will be printed on the shipping label.
  5. Third, provide us with the shipping details. We required a name, street name and number, ZIP code, city, country, email address and phone number.
  6. Click next to proceed to the Checkout. In this Checkout, you find an overview of your order. Instantly, a price quote is provided. If you agree with your order, select a shipping option and the order mode. A sandbox order is a (free) test order. In sandbox-mode you will be able to see the order in your Dashboard, you receive status updates in the Dashboard, and everything will seem like it is a real order - except for the fact that the order is not really printed! Once you have added a payment method (learn more here), you can place a live order that is actually forwarded to a production facility.
  7. Once you click order, a Certified PDF is generated and the file is uploaded to our Cloud. Do not turn off your computer or disconnect your internet connection before you received a notification that the print job was successfully uploaded. The order will be verified by us in the Cloud and sent out to a suitable print partner near the delivery address provided in step 5.
  8. The order is immediately visible in your Dashboard.
  9. You will receive email notifications of the status of your order.


Express is not a consumer product, but a professional tool. You have to make sure you know what you are doing. If you design an A4 flyer, but select A3 in step 3, it will result in a faulty print and lost costs. We do not provide a refund for faulty prints caused by wrong specification input.

In case something went wrong with your order or the order doesn't appear in the Dashboard, please reach out to our Customer Success team.