Below you will find the most frequently asked questions by our customers. Having trouble using Cloudprinter Express? Have a look at those questions before you contact the Customer Success team.

What kind of subscription do I need to use Express in live-mode?

Live-mode in Express is included in all of our Service Levels. To use Express and other (connected) applications to place real orders, you will need a Print Cloud account with the Starter service level at a minimum. Learn more on how to start a subscription here.

What is meant by sandbox-mode?

Express features a sandbox-mode, enabling you to fully test the application without the need to place and pay for actual orders. Sandbox mode is available for all clients, irrespective if you added a credit card to your account or not. As usual, in sandbox-mode clients will receive status updates, the order will appear in the Dashboard and everything will seem like it is a real order.

All you need to know about the Dashboard can be found here.

Can I print (photo)books or brochures using Express?

Unfortunately, it is not (yet) possible to order books or brochures via Express. The reason is that those products consist of two parts: a cover and a book block. Our development team is working hard to enable you to include multiple PDFs in a single order. As soon as this feature is available, we will let you know!

How is the price in the Checkout built up?

At Cloudprinter you directly pay the print cost that our print partners charge us. In exchange for our service, we charge a marginal job fee on top of the printing cost.

The job fee, on Starter Level, is €2.50 fixed per order plus €0.25 times the number of units in the order. On Business Level, this is €1,50 resp. €0,15.

Please note that the unit size of our products differ! Whereas business cards are ordered per 50, flyers can be ordered per 25, and books per 1.

Example calculations can be found here.

Can I place a reorder?

Unfortunately, in the current version of Cloudprinter Express, it is not possible to place reorders. You are required to submit the file again manually and set the specifications again too. Our team is working hard to make this feature available in a future update. As soon as we are ready, you will be the first to know.

Can I use custom products/routing in Express?

When you are on the Enterprise Service Level, yes, you simply select the account with the desired routing profile and submit the order using this account in Express.

The product range in Express is limited to our pre-defined catalogue. For now, it is not possible to order custom products using the application.