Fulfill your orders and save time. Select the product type, size, and paper type to your own preference. Set a shipping address and options, confirm, check & order.

1. Product setup

Firstly, select the product type -> category: Textbook BW( Black & White), Flyer, etc.

Second, select product options such as the main paper, cover paper & finishing, page count.

Third, enter the preferred quantity.

Choose between two storage options: provide us with the link to your print material or upload the file.


2. Shipping address

Provide us with the shipping details.

We require company name, first & last name, street name and number, ZIP code, city, country, email address, and phone number.


3. Shipping method

Select a shipping option that is the most suitable for you.


4. Finish

Click Finish to proceed to the Checkout. In this Checkout, you find a list of your orders.