Installed the plugin for WooCommerce? Authorized your account? Yes! Let us now create your first product that you can offer directly in your WooCommerce webshop!

Please first install our plugin as is described here. Second, link your account. Are you all done? Let's proceed!

This article describes in detail how to create a product in your webshop such that your product can immediately be printed worldwide without you having to worry about production or shipping!

  1. Log in to your admin WordPress account here. In the side menu, select Products. Continue to add a new product. Now you can choose your product to be a product. If you want your product to be printed by, mark the check-box as indicated at 1.

    As soon as you check the box, a new icon will appear at the bottom left corner of the product menu: (see 2).
    WooCommerce 10
  2. Fill in all your product settings to your own choice. Finally, click at the bottom of the product menu. You can now freely select the product format that you want to offer in your shop. Fill in the form on this page as you like.

    WooCommerce 13Please note! Your product configuration needs to match you PDF specifications exactly. If sizes, formats or, for example, the number of pages do not match those of your PDF, your orders will be refused by!

    WooCommerce only allows you to upload PDF files with a maximum of 64MB. If your file exceeds 64MB, you are required to choose the Set link. Here you need to provide a download URL for your PDF from a third-party file storage platform.

    WooCommerce 11
  3. Done setting up your product? As usual, remember to Publish your product.
    WooCommerce 12
  4. That was easy, wasn't it? Your product is immediately available in your webshop!

    As the plugin for WooCommerce starts in Sandbox mode, you can now continue to test the ordering process at freely.

    Learn more about testing the WooCommerce plugin and setting your account live.