Learn how to design and prepare your photos for global print with Cloudprinter.com in 4 steps.

Download Photo Templates in all available sizes in AI and PDF formats via the link

With the help of the templates, you can prepare the file for print in your Adobe Illustrator simply and easily.

*While preparing your file for print, you’ll have to exclude the bleeds layer.


Follow these 4 simple steps to design your photos for print with Cloudprinter.com: 

  1. Choose Photo size
    Check available photo sizes on our website via the link https://www.cloudprinter.com/photo-print-online-worldwide. Select the one that fits you best.
  2. Keep in mind aspect ratio
    Check whether the aspect ratio of your photo matches the ratio of the print. If they match, the photo won't be cropped.
    However, if the aspect ratio of your photo doesn't fit the print ratio, crop the photo on your own. If you don't, the printer will decide how to crop your image. This way, you may lose an important part of your image.
  3. Archive your JPEG Photo
    Compress the photos you're preparing for print via zipping up your JPEG photos.
  4. Select Photo finish
    The core difference between mat and gloss photo finish is the extra gloss layer. It means that glossy photos are matte photos with an additional gloss layer.
    The main specifics of the gloss photo finish is high light reflection. By contrast, matte photos minimize light reflection. Choose the photo finish depending on your needs. 


Well done! Now you can print your photos all over the world as close to the delivery destination as possible.