Before you start connecting Shopify and you should have created accounts on both and log in to them.

  1. Open the Apps tab on the admin panel in your online store on Shopify.
  2. Click on the Visit the Shopify App Store and search for Cloudprinter.
  3. On the Cloudprinter app page, click on the Add app.
  4. After that click Install app and make all the necessary settings to connect Cloudprinter integration to your online shop.

        The installation is finished.


There are a few important settings that you have to set up after you installed the application onto your online store in Shopify.

  1. Open the app in your store dashboard.
  2. Open the Settings tab and copy your Configuration parameter OAuth redirect URI
    (an example:
  3. Go to the Shopify page on your admin dashboard and insert the copied link into the marked field in App configuration. Press Save.
  4. Turn back to the Shopify page and press the Log in to account button and authorize Shopify access to your account. This process may take several minutes.

Now that the app is connected to your Shopify store you are ready for the next steps: set up the shipping options and learn how to create new products that will be printed using integration.