Before you start selling your products with Shopify, you need to set up the shipping option for your products. In this article, we will show you in a few simple steps how to get this done.

Firstly, choose the Cloudprinter.com shipping methods for your order

There are two shipping modes available: 

1. Automatic Shipping mode (recommended) - in this mode, calculated rates are automatically displayed at checkout. To use carrier-calculated shipping features you need to have an Advanced Shopify plan, Shopify Plus, and any annual plan. 

If you aren't on one of those plans, then carrier-calculated shipping can be added to your account for an additional $20 USD per month. You can contact Shopify Support for more details.

2. Manual shipping mode  - this mode is available regardless of the Shopify plan you use and does not require any additional payments. However, you should check the price of shipping for each product and to each country, and then manually input the price which will be displayed to your customers during the checkout.


If you go with automatic shipping mode here are your steps:

Step 1 - Enabling Cloudprinter.com shipping methods for your order

Open the Cloudprinter.com application’s Settings tab and choose “Shipping”. Choose the Shipping mode automatic 


Step 2 - Setting up shipping profiles and rates

2.1 Go to “Settings” and open “Shipping and Delivery’.


2.2 Press “Create new profile” at the Custom shipping rates for products.

2.3 Here you can set up a shipping option for the chosen product:

Fill in the “name” field, add “products” to this profile and choose the areas of shipping.

Press the add rate button on the left to manage rates.

2.4 In the next step, you can set your own rates or choose the carrier rate.

Fill in the Rate name field and set the price for this shipping profile. Press “Done” and after that - “Save”.

2.5 Cloudprinter.com products should be set the same way, but when setting up the rate you should choose “Use carrier or app to calculate rates” Shipping rates will be provided by the Cloudprinter.com app.

Step 3 - Choose contact methods

Our Integrated postal carriers use the provided email address and phone number to contact customers for any questions about the delivery. The email and phone number of the end customer is mandatory.

3.1 Go to your shop settings and open “Checkout”.

3.2 In the Customer contact section select: “Customers can only check out using email”.

3.3 Find the Form options section and set the Shipping address phone number to: “Required”.

When these settings are set in place, the end customer can order the products. In case of multiple orders, the order will be divided into separate parcels and the shipping price will be calculated automatically (the rate you have set + the shipping cost by Cloudprinter.com integrated carriers)