This article helps you to find quotes in your Dashboard.

1. The prices can be found via the CloudCore Admin. The first step to take is to log in to the Dashboard using your regular Cloudprinter account.

price check 1

2. Once you are logged in, you will first need to visit the CloudCore Admin/Print Cloud Admin. This is an extensive version of the Dashboard with a lot of handy features. 

price check 2

3. Welcome to the CloudCore/Print Cloud Admin. Don't mind all the different menu options. Now we just focus on price check. You will find this option in the left menu at the bottom.

price check 3

4. Select the account on which you want to make the order eventually. Accounts can make use of different routing or pricing profiles, hence price quotes may differ across accounts.

price check 4

5. We have now reached the price checker. Please fill in the order that you wish to receive a quote for. First, select a product category. Then select a product. If the product has options, those will be displayed accordingly. The price you will get comes from the live global print network: prices might change over time, so use this quote as a guideline. Make sure you select for country the destination, not the invoicing address! Click search.

price check 5

6. Instantly, you will be shown the price search result. This result includes the cost of the product(s), the shipping options that are available in the destination country and the cost of the shipping option(s).

price check 6

7. Do you encounter a problem with the price checker? Is a product not available in your region or do you suspect any mistakes in the pricing? 

In some circumstances, it may happen that a certain product is either not yet available in a specific country, or we missed it to activate it. But no worries, in most cases we fix this in less than 24 hours. But we need your help. Tell us which product and in which country you miss and we come back to you soon.