We advertise transparent pricing: that is, you know exactly what you pay and where the money goes.

At Cloudprinter.com we charge our customers two different types of fees: service level subscription fees and job fees. More on the different service levels that we offer is found here.

But what do you really pay for the products that you order?

Job Fees

Let us introduce the following scenario as an example. 

Image you want to order 500 folders, printed in portrait mode, on 250 gsm paper, size A6, with a delivery address in The Netherlands.

The height of the job fees depends on your service level. Starter clients that do not pay any monthly subscription fee operate with job fees of €2.50 fixed + €0.25 times the number of units in the order. Business and Enterprise clients have reduced job fees amounting to €1.50 fixed + €0.15 times the number of units in the order.

Starter Service Level

In the first case, assume that you designed the flyer in Adobe Illustrator and you use Cloudprinter Express to place your order. In this case, you will receive a price quote of €32.75*. This price consists out of two parts: the actual print cost and our job fee. 

The total cost includes a job fee of €7.50. How is this fee built up? Let me explain. 

Folders can only be ordered in units of 25. Hence, 500 flyers will be 500/25 = 20 units. The cost of €2.50 is fixed no matter how many units you order. The €0.25 is variable and relies purely on the number of units. Thus, the job fee equals €2.50 + 20*€0.25 = €7.50. The raw print cost is thus €25.25.

However, when you order only 100 folders, the total printing cost sums up to €12.35, which includes a job fee of €3.50 (=€2.50 + 4*€0.25 ). 

As you can see, the higher your print volume, the lower the job fee relative to the printing cost and hence the more you and your organization profit.

Business/Enterprise Service Level

Alternatively, if the same order is placed under a Business or Enterprise level subscription: This will result in a reduced job fee of €1.50 + 20*€0.15 = €4.50 for 500 folders, making the total cost of the order equal to €29.75*.

Hence, a saving of €32.75 - €29.75 = €3.00 - or, in other terms, saving 9% on this order by being subscribed to the Business or Enterprise level. 

These derivations essentially indicate that you can calculate in an easy way when and which Service Level would be the most efficient for you.

More information on the features of the different Service Levels can be found here.
All unit sizes of our products can be found here.

* These prices are purely for indicative purposes and might differ from actual quotes.