Guidelines for placing an order again free of charge (re-order)

The following shipping levels are qualified for placing a free of charge re-order if the order is not received:

  • Express fast - Tracked
  • Express saver - Tracked
  • Express ground - Tracked

A re-order can be placed after 15 workdays of the provided shipping notification (Shipped signal). 

Re-orders for Postal - Untracked are not supported. Postal is a non-guaranteed service.

Re-orders for Postal - Untracked will be charged against the initial charges. 

How to place a re-order via the Print API: 

Re-orders use the regular orders/add endpoint, they just require a few extra parameters. Re-orders are done per-item level. Only items from a single order can be included in a reorder.

items : reorder_causeReorder cause API reference - Look at the tables below
items: reorder_descCustom text to give more details on the issue.
items : reorder_order_referenceYour reference of the original order
items : reorder_item_referenceYour reference of the original item

Re-order cause and description for non-received orders:

CauseItem shipped but never received
DescriptionThe item is shipped but did not reach its destination.
The reorder needs to contain only the non-delivered items and quantity.
API referencereorder_shipping_item_not_received

How to place a re-order via the Print Cloud:

Orders placed via Cloudprinter Express and Cloudprinter Express online can be re-orders by creating a ticket in your online dashboard at 

How to place a re-order via WooCommerce:

A re-order can be created by navigating to the order details in the WooCommerce dashboard and select the reorder option. 

Of course, you can always contact us directly if you have concerns or you need something special. Our support team is always happy to help you with any issues.

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