Read how to make a reorder with Quick Order in a few simple steps.

Product reorder is used when there's an issue with an order item:

  • production (e.g. problem with print or binding)
  • shipping (e.g. shipping is missing).

In any case, you have to provide a detailed description of the issue.

Who covers the costs for reorder? 

The reorder is free of charge, but all reorders will be checked by and the print partner. The production facility will take full responsibility for the cost of reorders, including shipping.

If there is a reason to charge or transfer the costs for reorder to third parties such as a carrier or supplier, it is the responsibility of the production facility to arrange (financial) compensation with the third party.

Who can make a reorder? 

Keep in mind that we only insure reorder for the tracked shipping option. This means, in case you have some delivery issue with untracked or your own shipping, cannot take responsibility for it and make a re-order. In our system, reorder won't be available for untracked orders. 

Go to: 

Follow these simple steps to make a reorder: 

Login using the email and password for your account.


Fill in the order reference in the above search function like this and press on the blue icon with a magnifying glass next to it:

unnamed (1)-2

This will open the next screen. Here is a yellow icon for reordering, click on this icon to proceed.

unnamed (2)

The next screen will open:

unnamed (3)

  1. Select the product
  2. Choose the quantity
  3. Set reorder cause*
  4. Write why you're reordering.

Then, click on the blue icon ''Next.''

*These are the reorder causes you can choose from in the drop-down menu:

unnamed (4)

In the next screen, you can check the address and add missing information if needed.

unnamed (5)

Once you've done this, you can click on ''Next.''

unnamed (6)

Finalize your reorder:

  1. Check the order
  2. Select Live mode (there is no charge on it)
  3. Confirm by clicking on the "Reorder" button.

Done — you've successfully made a reorder with Quick Order!