We guarantee our customers top quality in several ways.

First of all, before becoming a print partner of Cloudprinter, a print service provider needs to meet the highest standards in the print industry. We exclusively work with printing facilities that utilize state-of-the-art equipment such as the HP Indigo or Xerox iGen. We require them to submit several products before we set their company live in our Global Print Network.

Nevertheless, did you receive a faulty print? We are very unfortunate to hear that. As soon as you receive your order, or when you receive a complaint from your customer, get in touch. We stand at your service to resolve the issue and arrange a reprint. Please send us a description of the problem including photographs to support@cloudprinter.com

Is the reprint refunded? This depends on the source of the error. In case you uploaded a high-quality Certified PDF to our Cloud and nonetheless the quality is not as you expected, you qualify for a refund. 

However, if you made a mistake in the specification of the order, unfortunately, we cannot refund you. An example of a faulty specification is that you designed a flyer in A4 but order it in A3 format. The PDF will be stretched to fit the larger A3 format, decreasing the quality of the design. Therefore, always double-check your JSON or specification in the Checkout of a (connected) app before you send in your order.