You can submit an order via Express in two ways: drag-and-drop or within an external application. But there is more that you can do with Express. Find out below.

If you double click the desktop icon, the drag-and-drop window will be opened. You will see that this window has a top menu. In this menu, you find FileEditProcessing, and Help

menu 1
  • Let's start with the option on the left: File. In this menu option, you find subcategories DropSend Job Ticket, and Exit.
  1. Drop opens your directory such that you can select a pre-made PDF file to be printed. After you selected the file, Express will automatically pop up, from where you can now configure your order.
  2. Send Job Ticket redirects you directly to product configuration, without you dropping a file. This option can be used for you to have a look at the availability of products and options, as well as the price of your order in the Checkout.
  3. Exit closes the drag-and-drop screen.
menu 2
  • Edit has only a single option: Preferences. Here you can change the language of the application.
menu 3
  • Processing provides you with the usage history of the application. If something went wrong with your order, or it is not appearing in the Dashboard, the Error log will give more insight on the reason why your order was not placed correctly. If you are testing Express and figured everything out correctly, you can Clear Error log to delete all content in the Error log. In this way, you can more easily see in the future for new orders if there is an error. Delivery log provides an overview of all orders that were dropped and/or ordered since the installation of Express. This can be helpful for internal use in your organization, for example, to see when which order was placed. Reset Connector clears all logs and the language.
menu 4