Finally finished your design and now you want to print it? Let's get started. Register for an account and download the Cloudprinter Express application.

To download Cloudprinter Express, visit the download page. On this page, you will find a small form to be filled in. Please provide your email address and select your Operating System. Next, click Submit. 

Instantly, you will receive an email with more information and link to actually download the application to your PC. 

As soon as you click the download link provided in the email, the files to install Express will be downloaded. If your browser asks you to download files from an unknown source, click accept

As soon as the complete file is downloaded to your computer, click the .zip folder to open it. Inside you will find an .exe file. Double click this file to start the installation. When your computer gives a message that you are trying to install an application from an unknown source, click on more information, and proceed to execute

If your computer asks you to install a print driver, you should allow this. 

You can now use Cloudprinter Express to source your print jobs to our Global Print Cloud! Find out more here how to do this.